Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery is currently open Thursday-Sunday. 

Thursday: 9am-1pm and 4-9pm
Friday-Sunday: 8am-1pm and 4-9pm

Thursday: 8am Meditation and Tea Sit
Friday and Saturday: 6pm Tea Ceremony

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Beyond our open teahouse hours, we offer weekly classes and workshops which explore every facet of tea from the linear, biological, and practical aspects to the artistic, meditative and ceremonial. In our classes, we share a foundational understanding of what it means to relate to tea as a Way, offering classes on various brewing methodologies and tea traditions as we have learned them through our lineage. At Mountain Gate, guest "tea folk" share their knowledge and experience, from classes and ceremonies to immersive retreats in Telluride. We integrate aspects of Chinese medicine, herbalism, and Taoist philosophy in our tea ceremonies and classes. 

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5 Element Retreat: Qi Gong and the Way of Tea