At Mountain Gate, we relate to tea as a way of life. The craft, art, and meditation of tea celebrate our relationship to the natural world. Over the past twelve years, we’ve travelled extensively throughout Asia to carefully select the finest “Living Teas.” We seek leaves with the following qualities, which serve as criteria for our curation: seed-grown, agrochemical-free, biodiverse environments, fair-trade, and with a healthy reverent relationship to all aspects of tea production. Finally, our passion for old-growth and aged tea inspires our continual exploration. The name of each Living Tea speaks to an inherent quality in those particular leaves: the mountain of origin, terroir, flavor, aroma or impression. Each tea has a story and every cup represents an imaginary voyage. We hope you find the same love for the Leaf that has inspired our adventures, and misadventures, through the misty tea mountains. Thank you for stepping through the Mountain Gate.


Light, Floral, Ethereal

LILAC BLOOM - Bai Mudan White Tea - Fujian Province, China 2021 Vanilla sugar, rose, lilac and white peach. Delicate, patient, calming. $8

CLOUD RIVER - Silver Needle White Puerh Cake – Yunnan, China 2013 Ripe plums, melon, cantaloupe. Ample and comforting. $9

Refreshing, Evanescent, Balanced Bittersweet

EMERALD ISLE – Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea – Yunnan, China 2021 Ten pounds of fresh Jasmine flowers for every one pound of leaf resulting in a smooth, sweet, and soft tea that provides calm, focused energy. $8 

HIDDEN TEMPLE - Bao Shan Yunnan Green Tea - Bao Shan Prefecture, China 2021 Nutty, pleasantly bittersweet, cooling, aromatic and invigorating, this beautiful tea is refreshing on warmer days. $8

PARASOL - Ceremonial Grade Stoneground Matcha – Uji, Japan With a velvety ample body and perfect balance, this premium Japanese matcha is picked from the highest-quality leaves and shade-grown. Matcha provides the highest antioxidant content as we are consuming the entire leaf in granulated form. $8


Light to full bodied, grassy to floral, sweet to toasty (depends on oxidation)

FOUR SEASONS – Si Ji Chun Oolong – Nantou, Taiwan 2021 Lightly oxidized, emphasizing the delicate taste and aroma of sweet grass, morning dew and bright flowers in full bloom. Ideal for early morning or late afternoon with a cooling, rising energy that leaves you refreshed. $9

GOLDEN DAYLILY - Jin Xuan Roasted Milk Oolong - Wenshan District, Taiwan 2021 Aroma of stewed fruit with a rich, floral, creamy palette. The energy is sprightly and uplifting without being too invigorating. $12

WILDFLOWER - Aged Tie Guan Yin Oolong - Muzha, Taiwan 1980 The forty years of age have yielded an elegant, medium-roast tea with balanced vanilla and floral notes, toasted rice, and fresh spring water. The subtle roasting yields an understory and structure unlike teas without the age. A rare tea for special occasions. $18


Robust, Mildly Sweet, Invigorating

RUBY RED - Da Ye Native Red Tea – Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan 2021 Rich, smooth and complex, Ruby Red carries a bubblegum sweetness through many steepings. The growing area in Taiwan is best known for Oolong teas, which is evident in the floral qualities from the native Formosan cultivars, balanced by a slight maltiness coming from the Burmese Assam plant. Uplifting and bright.  $5 (leaves in a bowl)/ $12 (Sidehandle brewing) 

PANACEA - Gold Tip Premium Grade Red Tea – Yunnan, China 2021 Full-bodied and tannin-rich, Panacea suggests flavors of cacao, hazelnut and caramel. Invigorating and steady, this tea is ideal for the morning. $10


Light, fresh, clean (young puerh) to dark, woodsy, complex (aged puerh)

WISDOM OF YOUTH - Big Snow Mountain Sheng Puerh - Lincang, China 2019 From old-growth trees on Big Snow Mountain in Lincang, Yunnan. The liquor is ethereal beyond description both in terms of the deep, expansive energy and perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and bitter flavors. $11

CINNABAR - Vintage Wild Tree Sheng Puerh – Yunnan, China Late 90’s Slight pleasant astringency in early steepings with layers of cinnamon, nutmeg and spices in the later steepings. The body has good structure and thickness. A warming, moving tea to clear out the mental cobwebs. $14


Earthy, full-bodied, rich, and calming

COUNTRY ROAD - Small Leaf Ripe Puerh – Yunnan, China 2018 The dark cherry liquor carries a silky brew with flavors of dark bittersweet chocolate, rosebuds and roasted honey. Slightly rousing, yet grounding energy. $10

EYE OF THE STORM - Aged Gong Ting Shou Puerh – Yunnan, China Late 90's Small curly-cue leaves from old-growth wild trees. Damp soil, leaves after the rain, flowers “in the distance” and hints of sweet sticky rice. The energy moves evenly through the body, leaving you with a calm focused feeling. $13



AUTHENTIC CHAI: Choose from Spicy Chai, Sweet Honey Chai, Golden Turmeric Chai, and Herbal Chai. $6

KOMBUCHA: Rotating herbal-infused blends. Inquire for the seasonal brew. $6

ADAPTOGENIC COFFEE: Organic coffee infused with twelve nourishing adaptogenic herbs to balance the effects of coffee on the endocrine and nervous systems, formulated by Rasa. $5

GYNOSTEMMA: A sweet herb that offers antiaging benefits and support for many health conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol, and anxiety. $5

ROSE BUD TEA: Sweet, slightly bitter and warming to promote internal movement, relieve constraint and support digestion. Rose calms the spirit and relieves pain associated with menstruation. $5

CHRYSANTHEMUM BUD TEA: A sweet aromatic herb used to treat emotional stagnation, dizziness, high blood pressure, fever and skin condition (topical and internal). Detoxifying, anti-aging, antibacterial, antihypertensive, vasodilating. $5

LIVING TEA IMMUNITY BLEND: A powerful vitality, longevity and immunity blend of Cordyceps, Astragalus Root, Reishi Mushroom and Ashwagandha. $7