We are honored and delighted to collaborate with a number of local partners to share the practice of Tea. From private ceremonies and team gatherings to offsite events and tea treks through Telluride, we are glad to create a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience in your space or for your group.

Individuals can book private tea ceremonies (such as for birthday gatherings and out-of-town visitors) at Mountain Gate at any time by clicking here. For events at your business, home, or studio, please contact us.

Telluride Partners

Madeline Hotel & Residences

Madeline guests are welcome to book a private tea ceremony experience with their concierge. Take the gondola into town and enjoy an exclusive ceremonial experience with light refreshments.

RESET Telluride

Mountain Gate hosts a weekly tea ceremony at RESET so that all guests can experience this powerful time of tranquility and meditation, an integral part of RESET's wellness program.

Telluride Farmers Market

Visit the Mountain Gate booth at the Telluride Farmers Market to sample rare teas, shop the Living Tea catalog, and learn more about Mountain Gate and the Way of Tea.


Contact us to begin planning an event in your space.
We look forward to sharing this unique experience with your community.